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After Flight MH370 disappears from the world, insurance investigator Angeline Herman and CIA Agent Chris Channing find their destinies intertwined as they seek an answer to the mystery that holds the fate of nations.

Taking a unique perspective on the international investigation that has perplexed experts, Collin Cheng and Charlie Cheng have produced a literary work that delves into the murky realm of international politics and avionic disasters as well as human ambition in By the Sound of Silence.

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Based in the Bay Area, Collin Cheng is a passionate and talented author with a thought-provoking and personal approach. His novel "By the Sound of Silence", is an earnest work of political fiction that offers a fascinating possible story about Flight MH370 and its enigmatic disappearing into the vastness of the Pacific ocean. In the book, Collin strikes for his relatable, light-hearted and vivid writing; adding a unique blend of depth to his stories and characters. The novel, which became one of Amazon's Top 10 Political Fiction, was received with positive praise and acclaim.

Collin's uplifting philosophy is all about seizing life's many opportunities and harnessing skills and talents in order to unlock one's full potential and success.

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